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Drop into the culture. The NFTs hunt.

Being part of the culture is also making history and being the first to try new things, to take new paths. Since NFTs exist, they have raised the interest of everyone. People share them and talk about them. The interest in art is back! NFTs have become a massive industry, such as video games. How can those two be linked? 

By launching the first NFTs hunt in a video game. 

Young one short.png

Credits:  Art Direction and copy: Danaë.

Twitter Post Mockup annonc.png

An NFTs hunt.

What if a video game takes part in the new digital culture of NFTs and turns it into a game? 

Not everyone can afford an NFT but, Warzone will offer, everyone, the possibility to have one. During a worldwide live game, NFTs will be hidden in Warzone. Found them and, they are yours.

Don't miss your chance

 Everybody can win, they only have to try. People will share their NFTs on social media. That will create a FOMO among those who missed the opportunity and therefore, rise in interest in Warzone. The campaign doesn't stop here, watch the case study video!


In game activation and social media reaction

In game poster.png

Watch the case
study video

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