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Spotify x BetterHelp

Music to help


In a world where every 11 minutes a life is lost to the shadows of suicide in the US, "Music to Help" is a poignant campaign that endeavors to turn each note into a lifeline. With over 2/3 of suicides attributed to depression, the campaign not only raises awareness but takes action. Partnering with BetterHelp, the initiative introduces a specially curated Spotify playlist featuring tracks from artists who bravely faced the struggle of suicide. What makes it truly transformative? Spotify pledges to contribute 100% of its benefits to a fund accessible on BetterHelp. More than just a playlist, it's a movement of hope and change.


Credits:  Art Direction and copy: Danaë.

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Music to help logo

Color Palette Insight

The logo and background of the playlist feature blue and purple, symbolic of suicide prevention awareness. However, for out-of-home (OOH) displays and social media campaigns, I used vibrant and bright colors. This intentional choice not only aligns with Spotify's brand guidelines but also serves a dual purpose. It reflects the dynamic energy of life, symbolizing the hope, positivity, and transformative power encapsulated in our campaign.


The Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign is designed to resonate with the very heart of "Music to Help", the playlist.
Every copy draws its essence from the titles within our specially curated playlist. In those examples, you can find Hey Brother from Avicii and One more Light from Linkin Park.

BetterHelp website 

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