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The Fishing Net, Seaspiracy

Cross-device Campaign

Do you know what represents the biggest sources of pollution in our oceans? Fishing nets! We decided to take them off the oceans and to pollute our world with it.

The idea, make people realize the impact they have on our oceans.

Credits:  Art Directors:Danaë



Taking the fishing net to our world, is also bringing the feeling of being trap to people. 

From the ocean, just for you.

A fishing net will be spread throughout prominent locations within cities such as Miami, NYC, Paris, London, Sydney for about 5 miles.

This fishing net will be directly from the ocean to show the severity of the issue.

And once you've walked near the fishing net, you are trapped. Everyone within the 5-mile radius of the fishing net will be retargeted with this ad on their Instagram Stories.

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Social media activation


Watch the full deck presentation

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