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Find an idea to make the immersion day funnier 

During my internship, we had the mission to come with ideas to solve the following issue. High school students tend to not participate in the campus life during immersion day. They do not try to visit the campus by themselves or talk with students. They came, assist the class and they leave. But the all concept of immersion day is for high school student to have acess to the campus and have class like any other student 

My idea was to organize a photography hunt after the class.

The concept is easy after the class, they receive a book with part of a picture that was taken on the campus.
In teams, they have to find where it is and take a picture there too. They need to post it on instagram in order to validate it with the #immersionday. 

If they manage to respond to very specifics questions about EDHEC’life, they will have some clue to find the other picture’s place. To answer these questions they didn’t have a choice but to ask students on the campus. The answer will be validated by an ambassador and he will be revealing clues. 

The first team to find all the picture’ spots earn a bag with goodies. 

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