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Co- by Bose

Product Innovation

The best thing about noise cancelling headphones is that they fully immerse ourselves in our favorite content. You can hear every element, every instrument, every aspect in just the way the artist intended.

Quality sound is amazing, but it doesn’t mean much without the ability to share it with quality friends. We create a product innovation that will allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Cancel the noise, not the connection. 


Credits:  Art Directors: Prerna Gosai & Danaë.

Co by bose

CO- by Bose

Using a bluetooth update, the CO- by Bose app connects to your friends' Bose headphones.


Making it possible to enjoy the music together,

as well as the moment.


Co- by Bose isn’t a music streaming platform, it’s a music sharing platform.


Once you have connected to your friends, you will be able to send them 


Awareness executions


Watch the full deck presentation

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