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The best Exhibit


At Bang and Olufsen, we create and design art pieces for passionates. We give the possibility to hear, see and feel the music in its finest way. We are for those who follow their path, for those who challenge the status quo, and those who can see art. For those, Bang and Olufsen introduce «The best exhibit ». We believe that our products are more than great speakers or headphones, they are a piece of art, and we allow you to bring art into your place! 

Credits:  Art Direction and copy: Danaë.

best exhibit.jpg

Out of home

Bringing B&O products at home is bringing art pieces. They should appear as so. OOH, will use this idea to create the feeling of having an exhibit at home. 

Temple of art

Let's bring those pieces of art to the temple of art: museums. For a semester, B&O products will be showcased as fine arts. It will make people consider them as a true, legit art piece. 


Certificate and limited-edition speaker

Capture d’écraDn 2022-02-01 à 14.24 copie.png

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