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Hi! Nice to meet you. 

When it comes to learning about other people, I like fun facts. Here is mine: 

🌎 I am both French and Portuguese, but was born and raised in Antibes, France (please Google it, it’s a beautiful town). So far I’ve lived in six countries and, traveled to 16 (soon to be 17). 


💚 I am obsessed with the color green! For some, it’s “la vie en rose.” For me, it’s “la vie en vert.” 

🪴 Do my plants have names? Aaaah … Yes, I am the kind of person who names their plants. Say hello to Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, and Joy. I wish I could introduce you to Bob too, but he died recently.  🪦 

💃🏽 I danced for about 20 years, first as a student and then as a teacher. If there’s music on, just assume that I’m choreographing a large-scale production in my mind, complete with fireworks and everything. 

🍹 If you need another reason to hire me, know that I make an amazing Caipi Blacks. 

♊️ Need I say more? 

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